In an era of wide screens it’s logical to forgot the traditional vertical type of scrolling to make the use of screen space more efficient. The horizontal layout of the Portra theme is perfect for displaying visual materials like photography or art works, while its clean design allows the graphic content to stand out and make a powerful impression.

Theme Details

Current Version:

Last Update:
April 01, 2014

March 31, 2014

WordPress 3.6+


Secure and Valid CSS3 & HTML5 Code

All Modern Browsers compatibility

Localization Support

Favicons ready

Clean Layout

Responsive Design

Automatic image rescaling

2 Custom Menus

Unique Features

Responsiveness and Flexibility
The theme’s layout automatically fits on any screen resolution, responding to both desktops and mobile devices. The images stretch according to the screen size and the convenient mobile device menu won’t let you get lost.
Big & Clean Layout
Your works and nothing else. The theme is designed so as not to distract the user from your beautiful works, the elements of the website take up very little space to highlight what’s important.
Horizontal scrolling for a unique user experience
Unlike most Wordpress themes Portra is using horizontal scrolling that better represents your content and makes a powerful impact on users.
Easy to Use
No additional fields, plugins or complex operations. Simply create a standard gallery and add it to a post – that’s all it takes to set up your portfolio page.
Easy to Customize
A well-commented code, the minimal amount of elements and the design built completely on em units allow you changing the layout with very little effort. For example, to change the font size you’ll only need to change one string of code.