We’re back! Lots have changed for the past two years. After the first release of the paid theme our programmer left the team for personal reasons, which made things a lot harder. During all this time I tried finding a replacement so we could release new cool themes, but almost every time the programmers would either deliver poor quality work or just disappear. Once a programmer took an advance payment and disappeared, and in a couple of weeks I saw my theme being sold on the web, clearly without my name on it. A sad and funny experience at the same time.

One day I was talking to an old colleague, who at that time was working as a programmer at a large telecommunications company. I offered him to participate and in a couple of months we quit our day jobs that were taking up all our time to dedicate ourselves to the project as a team. I truly hope that this time it’s gonna be just as awesome, as when we started and a day after we launched the website Smashing Magazine (Hello Vitaliy!) wrote about us and we got tons of great feedback.

We put a lot of thought into our first release and ended up remaking our Unspoken theme. Back then we had no idea how much thoroughness, work and time it would take to make such complex theme fully responsive, but I think we’ve managed to create a very high quality theme that’s been designed and coded from scratch. Meet our new theme – the Outspoken!

Drawing from our previous experience we tried to fix all the mistakes we made in the first version. Here’s a small list of changes we made to the theme:

  • Fully redesigned the layout and wrote code from scratch.
  • The theme now meets all the modern web standards, is responsive, light and readable.
  • We took away all the skins and made it possible to change any colors in the theme through the Customizer that allows seeing the change results right away.
  • We optimized the homepage, configured cache so that the new theme wouldn’t take up as many server resources as Unspoken did.
  • We added support of Homepage Widgets for Page Templates. Before, to add an element to a page you needed to copy the necessary code and paste it to the right place, right now this is done in a couple of clicks.
  • The layout turned out to be not only responsive, but also very flexible, so you can easily change width without compromising the design.
  • We also started working with the guys over at Automattic (people responsible for making WordPress the coolest platform in the world) that help us fixing bugs, building in additional functions and polishing the theme.

Back to our first theme, Unspoken. After a lot of contemplation we’re taking it down, even though it works great on the newest WordPress versions, still it doesn’t comply with the standards set by the modern web. We’ll continue supporting the theme for the existing clients, will update it along with WordPress updates, fix bugs & help through the forum, but there will be no more changes to it.

Why isn’t this simply an update? We’ve invested a great deal of time and money, changed the design and coding completely and the only two things these two themes have in common are concept and layout. Everyone, who bought the Unspoken theme will get a 50% discount for Outspoken. Check your email, the purchase link might already be there.

We have huge plans for the future, we’re going to update all our themes, while Imbalance and Blogum will get completely new designs and will be recoded from scratch. We’ll continue releasing free themes under the supervision of code wizards from Automattic team.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to email us or tweet to @wpshower.

Thanks for reading!