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Thread: Image for first two posts stretched to overlap text

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    Image for first two posts stretched to overlap text

    Loving Suburbia, but I'm encountering some problems.
    The biggest problem is that the images for the two most recents posts (top of the page) appear stretched out and end up over overlaid on the text. I've tried resizing, cropping, set image vs insert into post, and nothing has worked. It is driving me crazy!

    I've also changed the dates on posts that appear fine in terms of formatting so they show up there and they end up with the same stretched out look.

    Interestingly, if through navigation I go to the next page, the top two posts look fine there.

    This is driving me insane! Could someone please tell me how to fix this?

    Also, how do I change the color of the tagline in the header without changing the color of text elsewhere? When I tried changing it is also changed the color of the text in posts and in the footer, etc...

    Here's my site:

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    hello mjtinoco, I have the same problem on my website.

    I saw that you resolve this problem on your website.

    Can you give me an explanation please?

    Thank !

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