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Thread: Don't see SLIDESHOW option in this theme

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    Don't see SLIDESHOW option in this theme

    Hello, I've downloaded this theme the other day, and can not for the life of me find out how to include a slideshow on the main page. It's not there, despite having added media files to my library. Is there supposed to be a slideshow widget anywhere, an gallery option in WP?

    Please help!

    Thanks you in advance to anyone who replies.

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    It took me FOREVER to find this as well. I'm talking I was obsessed with finding it. Turns out, it's just a check box in the post editor at the bottom right. There's apparently a way to make it show pages instead of posts, but i haven't gone there yet.

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    Hi guys.

    Sorry to bring this back to life. I was struggling too before I found the tick box. Frustratingly, there's still no slideshow on my homepage...

    I've ensured that the 'disable slideshow' box; in the theme options, in UNticked too. Any help???


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